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A Rare Gem

March 19, 2019

Years ago, I stumbled across classical, Christian education when interviewing for my first teaching position. “Stumbled” is a term I use loosely; looking back, the Lord clearly directed my steps. My experience teaching in classical academia opened my mind and heart to the Truth, beauty, and depth found in classical and Christian schooling.

When it came time to prayerfully consider our own children’s education, I felt unprepared for the level of responsibility I felt to raise them well, helping stoke the fire in them to learn, to gain wisdom, and to embrace a clear understanding of God’s sovereignty over all things. As a teaching consultant, I was asked to come into Covenant Classical on two different occasions. After getting a glimpse inside and observing what was happening at this school, I knew that we needed to find a way for our child to attend. Students were eager to learn. Teachers were enthusiastic and gently shepherded these tender hearts. The halls were filled with a sense of peace and loveliness contrasted with the chaotic world outside the school walls. Classical music and hymns, joy-filled recitations, and respectful dialogue were the sounds I encountered each day I worked at the school. We longed for this type of environment for our daughters.

Finances were a great concern to us at that point, but we moved forward, trusting that the Lord would open the doors if this was where He wanted our child to be. He did provide exactly what we needed, and He also helped us to see how important this investment was. Our eldest daughter began schooling at Covenant as a Kindergartener, and for the next two years, we were blessed to be a part of this unique and gracious community. We were amazed at all she was learning, how the teachers and administrators walked alongside our family in pointing our child to Christ, and how she began to see the world from a Biblical worldview – with an understanding of how God has worked in the past, how He was currently at work in her life, and how He holds the future.

Classical, Christian schooling became not just a model of education for us but a way of life, helping us to better understand and appreciate the cohesiveness of history, literature, the arts, and the sciences. The world began to make sense to our family as a whole as each piece fell into place – reflecting the beauty, the order and the logic of our Creator.

Our hearts were heavy when we had to leave Covenant due to relocation. We knew it would be hard to move, but we did not fully understand how difficult it would be to leave this community and this way of schooling. Because of the foundation she had received at Covenant, our daughter was well ahead academically; she thought deeply and desired to learn at a pace and depth we simply couldn’t replicate at any of the other schools we tried. Though God has provided another schooling environment where my daughter now thrives, nothing quite compares to the unique community and education she received during her time at Covenant. Simply put, Covenant Classical is a rare gem.

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