Just Announced: Collegiate Model Rhetoric Program for 2024-2025 school year! Now enrolling for 9th grade!

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A Unique Dimension of Learning Rooted in Faith

The Mind and the Soul

We seek to honor Jesus Christ as the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and end of all truth, goodness, and beauty. From this, we find our being and purpose.

Our teachers challenge students to engage ideas informed by Christian faith across all subject areas.

We seek to educate not just the mind of a child, but the heart and soul as well. This impacts every area of education, from how disciplinary issues are handled to the curriculum and instruction methods chosen. Students learn to view the world through the lens of their Christian faith. They are prepared to stand firmly grounded in truth and to make a difference in the ever-changing tide of modern culture.

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There is no such thing as a values-neutral education.

Values permeate education through textbooks, teachers, and peers. Most often these values are shaped by the shifting winds of contemporary culture. Covenant offers a clear and consistent alternative.

Compassionate Discipline

Relationship and conversation form the foundation of our discipline system as we seek to shepherd the student’s hearts, pointing them always back to the cross and our need for grace.

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Common Convictions

Mission & Vision

Our mission and vision drive our daily decisions here at Covenant, keeping us accountabble to strive to reach not only the head of our students but the heart of each child.

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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement: The mission of Covenant Classical School is to provide an exceptional education in the classical tradition that honors Jesus Christ as the beginning and end of all truth, goodness, and beauty.

Vision Statement: Our vision is for students to discover the joy of learning and the grace of Jesus Christ.

Common Convictions

Our common convictions serve as anchors for our school culture – educationally, professionally and spiritually.

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Common Convictions

We are committed to:

  • Keeping Christ at the center of all we do, the source and ultimate purpose of our lives and educational endeavors.
  • Establishing a vibrant community rooted in love and grace, fostering a culture of mutual respect and encouragement.
  • Forming an authentic partnership with parents, working together for the education and discipleship of their children.
  • Providing an exceptional academic program, utilizing classical methods that equip students to read, write, and reason well.
  • Inspiring wonder, joy, and curiosity in our students, sparking in them a lifelong love for learning.
  • Implementing a rich, distinctive curriculum that reflects the interconnectedness of truth and anchors students in the ongoing story of humanity.
  • Engaging gifted and passionate teachers who model a life of Christian discipleship, exhibit wisdom, and faithfully pursue the good, true, and beautiful.
  • Maintaining small class sizes and a well-ordered and warm environment that nurtures the mind, body, and soul of each student.
  • Shepherding students’ hearts towards Christ through grace-filled and restorative discipline.
  • Developing a posture of service and humility among all members of our community, honoring one another above ourselves and exemplifying a life lived for others.

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