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"The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet."

—Fred Beuchner

Current Employment Opportunities

Covenant Classical School is currently hiring!  We encourage you to contact us and submit your resume if you are interested in joining our team.

Part-time Science Teacher for Grades 5-8

Covenant is seeking to hire a part-time science teacher for two sections of science for students in grades 5-8.  Each class is currently taught 4 days per week. Instructional methods include direct instruction, laboratory experiments, and field trips outside of school.  More specific descriptions of each course are included below.

Science 5: Physical Science
This course is designed to serve as a solid foundation for the later study of upper-logic level physics with a brief introduction to chemistry and physical science. Students begin the year learning about the scientific method and how to apply the method in lab investigations. Physical science topics to be investigated include buoyancy, density, Newton’s three laws, magnetism, electricity, simple machines, work, energy, and mechanical advantage. In chemistry students learn about atoms, molecules, elements and compounds. They study common elements on the periodic table and experiment with an acid/base universal pH indicator “rainbow” using test tubes and weak acids and bases. Students learn through hypothesis and experiments to form conclusions. Field trip experiences add further to their learning.

The 5th grade will be about 15 students

Science 6/7/8: Life Science
This course is designed to serve as a solid foundation for the later study of upper-level biology. Using CPO Life Science as the primary text, students explore taxonomy, ecology, cellular and molecular biology, genetics, botany, zoology, and human anatomy and physiology. Their exploration includes dissection of organisms such as grasshoppers, frogs, fish, crawfish, sea stars, and small sharks.  They also complete additional labs exploring the process of osmosis using potatoes and extracting DNA. Field experiences include a trip to the Shedd Aquarium.

The combined 6/7/8 class will be about 22 students

The successful candidate will love the discipline of science and possess the ability to share this love with students in the classroom. The teacher will also be prepared to help students understand how the truth discovered in the study of God’s creation in the discipline of science is brought together with the truth revealed in God’s word to form a unified understanding of all created realities.

A Bachelor of Science degree in a related field is required with a master’s degree preferred. Classroom teaching experience is preferred as is an openness to grow in mastery of the time-tested principles of classical teaching methods.

This may be a great opportunity for a retired teacher who might be tempted to get “back in the saddle” with some of the best students in the region. Or for a science-loving person interested in a career change. We will be glad to speak with anyone who might be curious to explore the opportunity.

While beginning part-time, the position has the potential to grow into full-time, if desired.

Covenant faculty enjoy working together in a supportive, professional environment as we advance our distinctive mission in the lives of our students. Covenant’s students are curious and motivated, and their parents are engaged and supportive partners in our mission.

Any candidate interested in exploring this opportunity is encouraged to send a current resume and cover letter of inquiry to Dr. Tom Stoner, Head of School ( 

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