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A Joyful Focus on the Fundamentals

April 13, 2021

In the midst of uncertainty in schools during the pandemic, many parents have begun to search for another option for their child’s education, a place where their child will thrive both academically and spiritually.  It is our joy to walk alongside these families as they observe the difference a classical Christian education can have in laying the foundation for children to think deeply, read widely, and write well–all while helping them discover the joy of learning and the grace of Jesus Christ!

“Our kids are excited about learning, walk into school every day with smiles on their faces, and, more importantly, come home with smiles on their faces,” a Covenant parent shared about her child’s transition into Covenant.  There is great joy to be found when students have the opportunity to consistently develop the skills needed to fully engage in the learning process.

In the Grammar School stage (grades K-4), students develop a broad knowledge base in every subject area, giving them a deep well from which to draw in later years. Direct and systematic instruction in phonics, grammar, cursive writing, vocabulary, and spelling builds a firm foundation for writing well.

“Our kids are excited about learning, walk into school every day with smiles on their faces, and, more importantly, come home with smiles on their faces.”

Math taught conceptually establishes a deep understanding of the logic behind the process. The chronological study of history serves as a framework for understanding the great thinkers, events, and ideas that have shaped our world. Classic works of literature give opportunities to read closely with comprehension and engagement.  Purposeful training in reading closely and making connections between big ideas equips students to approach any new topic with confidence.

Each element of the curriculum is intentionally chosen in order to help students master essential skills, recognize the interconnectedness of ideas, and begin to find their place in the great conversation.

Young children are naturally inquisitive and eager to explore the world around them. Classical education focuses on nurturing these important fundamental skills through songs, movement, guided discovery and hands-on activities that encourage curiosity, creativity, and joy in the learning process. 

A Covenant education values choosing the best over trying to do it all. Time is given to delve deeply into important ideas, allowing students to develop a strong understanding and deep appreciation for what they are learning.  As part of a robust academic program, in-depth exploration and observation cultivates wonder, inspiring students to dig deeper and discover more. This approach lays the groundwork for the years to come and gives students the skills they will need to become lifelong learners.

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