Just Announced: Collegiate Model Rhetoric Program for 2024-2025 school year! Now enrolling for 9th grade!

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Congratulations to our players and parents on a great season of Certamen! Our Novice and Upper teams wrapped up their first fully in-person season since the pandemic by competing in the state finals as the Western Region champions. Two of our students, Luke Zylstra (8th grade) and Noah Zylstra (12th grade), won regional MVP for our region + their division. Well done, students!

Chicagoland/Illinois Regional Chemistry Competition

Congratulations to Nick Szwarc, Hugh Szwarc and Derek Deng for placing 3rd place at the Regional Chemistry Competition!

Regional Science Fair

Congratulations to our five Logic School students that went to the regional science fair and got 5 gold metals out of 5 and all qualified to go to the Illinois State Science Fair!


Kudos to our Griffins who participated in the ILJCL (Illinois Junior Classical League). Covenant secured the third position in the general sweepstakes by scoring the third highest number of points overall among all the schools, and second place in the per capita sweepstakes by earning the second highest number of points per student!

Additionally, our 8th-grade students exhibited an impressive performance by securing the fourth position in the overall Certamen standings, even though they competed in a division comprising high school sophomores and juniors.

Ashlyn Copeland (12th grade):
Tests: 5th place in Grammar, 2nd place in Latin derivatives, 2nd place in Greek derivatives, 5th place in Vocabulary, 2nd in Mythology, 3rd in Roman Private Life

Creative Arts: 1st in Modern Myth Writing

Noah Zylstra (12th grade):
4th in Grammar, 5th in Mottos, 3rd in History, 3rd in Literature, 2nd in Vocabulary, 3rd in Reading Comprehension, 3rd in Greek Derivatives, 4th in Roman Private Life, 2nd in Decathlon

Hugh Szwarc (8th grade):
Hugh won an award for most total points of any middle schooler at the convention!

Tests: 3rd in Grammar, 3rd in Mottos, 5th in Latin Derivatives, 1st in History, 1st in Literature, 1st in Art and Architecture, 2nd in Vocabulary, 3rd in Reading Comprehension, 4th in Greek Derivatives, 4th in Mythology, 3rd in Roman Private Life, 4th in Decathlon, 1st in Charts and Maps,

Creative Arts: 2nd in Dramatic Interpretation, 1st in Sight Latin Performance

Jovie Santucci (8th grade):
4th in Vocabulary

Luke Zylstra (8th grade):
Tests: 1st in Grammar, 3rd in Mottos, 1st in History, 3rd in Literature, 2nd in Vocabulary, 5th in Mythology, 5th in Decatholin

Creative Arts: 1st in Sight Latin Performance