Just Announced: Collegiate Model Rhetoric Program for 2024-2025 school year! Now enrolling for 9th grade!

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Once you have made the decision to consider joining the Covenant family, create an account online to begin your application. Once you begin your application, you will have the flexibility to log-in to your account as needed until your application is ready to submit.

After submitting your application and completing the supplemental forms, track your admissions status through your account online.

Please call us if you have any questions regarding the application process or encounter any technical difficulties online at (630) 983-7500.

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How long does the admissions process take?

We are happy to walk alongside you through the admissions process. This simple process is typically smooth and timely, depending upon how quickly you desire to submit your materials and secure a spot in a classroom. Once an application has been submitted, our office staff will reach out to you to schedule your child’s testing and placement session. After evaluation, a parent interview will be set that allows us to get to know your family better. Within just a few days, you will receive a notice of acceptance if we feel your child will thrive at Covenant. We welcome questions at any time throughout the process to ensure you have the answers you need in as timely a way as possible.

How do you determine if my child is a fit for the school?

Ensuring a child is a good fit for the school is beneficial to the child, the family, our teachers, and the other students. Our hope is that every child that is accepted into our school will feel at home and thrive within our specially designed curriculum. If your child is not accepted, in most cases we simply feel we do not have the resources needed to help your child be a success within our environment. Making this decision prior to enrollment helps prevent greater struggles down the road.

What if my child has special needs?

We do not currently have the ability to provide resources for students with significant special needs. We encourage you to call our office to have a conversation prior to applying. In some situations, students with certain learning struggles can thrive at Covenant as long as the student can function well in the general education classroom and families/students are eager and committed to taking on the additional work this might require at home.

Do you have to be a member of a church to attend?

While Covenant is a Christian school, not everyone who attends our school is a Christian or a member of a church. Biblical beliefs and worldview are interwoven throughout all subject areas, and all faculty and staff profess the Christian faith. Many traditions of Christian belief are represented within our community. We ask that all Covenant families acknowledge and support the teachings we hold dear at our school. Please see our Statement of Faith for more information.

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