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Sparking the Fire

Deb Soehren| February 22, 2019

The Greek historian and philosopher Plutarch once observed, “The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.” At Covenant, we seek to set ablaze in each child a deep and lasting love for learning. This important work begins from the first day your child enters Kindergarten.

One of the hallmarks of our Kindergarten program is a profound and genuine joy. Our students find great delight in exploring God’s truth and beauty. An integrated curriculum allows them to make authentic connections between big ideas across all subjects. Students acquire foundational skills while being exposed to world geography and cultures, classic literature, and scientific ideas.

Young children are naturally and often insatiably curious. We seek not only to teach our students how to pose thoughtful questions, but also to give them the tools necessary for finding the answers. In-depth exploration and observation cultivate a wonder in students that inspires them to dig deeper and discover more. Movement, song, and hands-on experiences allow children with a wide variety of learning styles to thrive. Special activities such as cooking and drama enhance the curriculum and encourage creativity and imagination.

In addition to implementing a curriculum that encourages students to find joy in discovering truths found in God’s word and creation, we also seek to establish and nurture a culture that reflects His beauty and goodness. Small class sizes allow teachers to fully support each individual child’s needs. A cohesive and supportive community is intentionally fostered through discipleship and purposeful shepherding of the students’ hearts.

Above all, we pray that each of our students might grow in wisdom and knowledge of God, standing in awe of His breathtaking creativity and amazing grace. May the Holy Spirit fan into flame a deep and ever-growing love for Him.

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