Covenant is planning to return to on-campus instruction on August 25! Our focus and priority are upon how we can safely return students to the classrooms while keeping in step with the requirements of state and local authorities and the recommendations of public health professionals. Please contact us at (630) 983-7500 to learn more.

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Covenant Uniform

Land’s End – Our Primary Uniform Provider

Create a Land’s End school account here.

  • Register your child(ren) under Covenant Classical School.
  • All approved uniform items will be displayed for purchase under this account.
  • Spirit wear can be viewed when adding children to the account.  Select the spirit wear option under the Grade Level drop-down menu.  This will enable you to purchase our spirit wear t-shirts and hoodies.
  • Blazers, cross ties, striped ties, red items, and all plaid items must be purchased through Land’s End for uniform and brand consistency. Basics may be matched through other providers.
  • Be on the lookout for 40% off coupons!

Other Providers

For the items not listed above, you may match the Land’s End basics from other providers.

  • Many families find similar items offered through French Toast, Gap, Target, Old Navy, and Cat and Jack.

Why does my child need to wear a uniform?

At Covenant, we have chosen to utilize uniforms for the benefit of both our students and parents.  Uniforms help promote an atmosphere of learning where students can be focused upon learning and building relationships rather than upon comparing themselves with others or becoming distracted by outward appearance.  Many families have also found the use of uniforms extremely cost-effective for managing students’ wardrobes throughout the course of their children’s education. Moreover, parents have expressed gratitude for uniforms as their use has helped to ease the morning routine at home.  Lastly, uniforms encourage that sense of belonging we seek to create at Covenant where children are known and loved for who they truly are. We delight in seeing our students flourish in creatively expressing themselves through their personalities, schoolwork, and activities.

Why is Covenant changing its uniform?

In the fall of 2018, Covenant embarked upon a rebranding journey in which our school logo, wordmark, and color palette were updated in an effort to best communicate who we currently are as a community and who we seek to become.  Each aspect of this decision was done with deliberate thought and care with the realization that rebranding would touch every aspect of our school, including our school uniforms. While we apologize for this inconvenience to our current parents who already have a collection of our current uniform at home, it is a necessity in order to bring our uniform dress code in alignment with our new branding and color scheme for the sake of consistency and for the future of the school.  As we made the changes to the uniform code, we sought to keep the best of what has worked well for us in the past and also integrate new items into the dress code with an eye to the future.

In an effort to recycle and help others in need, we will be collecting old uniform items and donating these to another organization.  More information on this will be coming!

Uniforms are expensive. What should I do?

While the use of uniforms have actually been shown to decrease the cost of clothing children in the long-run, we do understand that building a uniform wardrobe can be costly at the outset.  With that in mind, we encourage our families to pair their Land’s End uniform items with or match similar basics from other more cost-effective uniform providers. For example, classic navy skirts/pants and white shirts/blouses may be purchased from other providers such as Target, Old Navy, or French Toast.  Covenant also offers an end of the year second-hand sale to families within our community to repurchase outgrown and gently used uniform items.

When can my child wear shorts?

Boys in both the Grammar and Logic Schools may wear shorts before October 1 and after April 1 during the warmest months of the school year.  Girls have the option of wearing skorts or skirts throughout the year.

When can my child wear leggings?

Girls may wear leggings under their skirts at any time with the exception of school programs.  We ask that all girls wear knee-high socks to school programs for uniformity. Leggings must always be worn under a skirt.  During winter months, leggings are also permitted with the special dress uniform on Fridays to protect our students from cold temperatures at recess.

Where can I purchase the uniform clothing and shoes?

Several of our items must be purchased through Land’s End, our primary uniform provider, for the sake of brand consistency.  These items include the Logic School blazers, cross ties, striped ties, and all of our Covenant plaid items. This also includes any of our red items such as the girls’ sweaters, fleeces, and polo shirts.  Because reds fluctuate in color tone among other companies, this allows our uniform to stay consistent. Requiring the embroidery on the red items helps ensure this uniform consistency. All embroidery must be done through Land’s End as well.  All other items may be either be purchased through Land’s End or may be matched by a another provider. These providers include Target, Old Navy, French Toast, Gap, and Cat and Jack.

Why are Logic School students required to wear a blazer?

As our students enter the Logic and Rhetoric school years, we want them to be prepared to stand before others with professionalism and well-prepared for their years beyond Covenant.  Utilizing the blazers promotes this atmosphere of learning in our school environment and also the professionalism we seek to instill in our students. We have chosen to make the use of our embroidered logo optional for the blazers to enable students to use these items for other occasions outside of school functions.

Why is the embroidery from Land’s End required on red items?

The Land’s End embroidered logo is required on all red items to ensure uniform consistency.  Though encouraged on other items in both our Daily and Special Dress codes, the use of the embroidered logo is not required on these other items.  Previously purchased red items are permitted without the logo as long as these were purchased through Land’s End.

Can I match the basics using any uniform provider?

Yes!  Though some items must be purchased through Land’s End, our primary uniform provider, other items may be purchased through any uniform provider.  The items that must be purchased through Land’s End include the Logic School blazers, cross ties, striped ties, and all of our Covenant plaid items.  This also includes any of our red items such as the girls’ sweaters, fleeces, and polo shirts. Because reds fluctuate in color tone among other companies, this ensures our uniforms will remain consistent across all grade levels. Requiring the embroidery on the red items is done in an effort to ensure this same consistency.  All embroidery must be done through Land’s End. All other items may be either be purchased through Land’s End or may be matched by a another provider. These providers include Target, Old Navy, French Toast, Gap, and Cat and Jack.

Why can’t my child wear watches/jewelry in the Grammar School?

We have found that watches and jewelry of any kind can be distracting in the Grammar School years, not only for the child wearing them but for those around them.

Are these shoes okay?

When wearing the Special Dress uniform, all students should wear dress shoes as outlined in our uniform code. The Daily Dress uniform code allows students to wear dress shoes or white and plain-colored tennis shoes.  We ask that you refrain from buying high-top shoes or those with glitter or characters on them. While we recognize that neon is in fashion, we ask that you look for shoes that have minimal, or if possible, no neon as these can be a distraction as well.  Shoes that are entirely neon will not be permitted.

My child’s uniform clothing has holes and stains. What should I do?

It is common for some wear and tear to occur on uniforms by the end of the school year.  We ask that clothes that are heavily stained or torn not be worn at school.

Does Covenant offer a second-hand uniform sale?

Yes!  Covenant offers a second-hand sale for our school community at the end of each school year.  Any gently-used uniform items may be sold or donated to other current families in our community through our sale. Information about the sale will be provided in the spring each year.

My children have outgrown their uniforms. What should I do with the clothes now?

We encourage all families in our community to consider donating or selling their gently used items in our second-hand sale.  This is a blessing to our current families and also allows us to steward our resources as a community well. Thank you to so many families that actively help care for the needs of our community members in this way!

Other Questions?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our uniform policy or where to purchase these items, please contact us; we would be happy to assist you!

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