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Covenant Colloquium

Covenant Life | June 11, 2020

A Lasting Impact

Teachers, administrators, and parents have poured themselves into the development of this gracious community, helping us advance our mission in the lives of students across the western suburbs for the past ten years. Mr. Spice is one of these dedicated individuals.

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When Classical Schooling Collides with High-Tech Learning

What happens when a global pandemic forces us to take our entire classical and Christian program online? If we teach children the power of ideas and to put first things first–such as reading widely, thinking deeply, and writing and speaking well–and if we teach children the high value of respecting others, they will be able to transfer those hard-earned habits and skills to new arenas and to any task or vocation they encounter, even when that task involves realigning their approach to education.

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Covenant Life, Parent Partnership | March 15, 2020

In This Together

In these extraordinary circumstances, we find ourselves more grateful than ever for the unique partnership we share with parents in the education of your children.  This partnership will take on new depth as we work together to continue our mission of providing an exceptional and life-shaping education for each student in our care. 

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Academics, Parent Partnership | February 22, 2020

University of Notre Dame Study Reports Classical Christian Schools Outscore All Other Educational Options

In category after category of the University of Notre Dame report, classical Christian schools outscore all other educational options—public, private preparatory, Catholic, evangelical, and homeschool—by significant margins.

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The Intellectual Virtues: Honesty

Intellectual honesty is a virtue that influences how we use the knowledge that we have. Students build a foundation of knowledge and understanding that inspires confidence and reflects a heart of integrity.

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The Intellectual Virtues: Fair-mindedness

One practicing virtuous fair-mindedness earnestly seeks to know truth and is willing to listen to differing opinions, even when these stand in contrast to one’s own firmly held views on a subject.

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The Intellectual Virtues: Carefulness

Dot your i’s and cross your t’s.  Double-check and make sure. It is this meticulous attention to detail that can slowly but surely cultivate habits that serve our students for years to come.

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The Intellectual Virtues: Curiosity

Curiosity drives us to know truth, to understand the universe and our place in it, and to more fully grasp the mind and heart of God. 

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The Intellectual Virtues: Humility

Only the one who is truly intellectually humble will be free to experience the joy of knowledge and insight regardless of where it may be found.  He lives in a world full of depth and richness, unencumbered by the weight of pride and ego. She values truth over her own need to be right. 

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The Intellectual Virtues: Courage

When courage puts its feet to the ground, what does it look like? A soldier on the battlefield risking his life for his comrades.  A missionary speaking the truth despite the consequences which might result. A third-grade student raising her hand to ask a question about a concept she does not yet fully understand.

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