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Truth. Goodness. Beauty.

September 2, 2020

An afternoon of history read aloud under the restful shade of the sprawling branches above.  A smile captured while outside social distancing with friends.  Laughter heard through the hallways as new discoveries are made.

Truth, goodness, and beauty resound in the sights and sounds of a joyful return to the classroom.  While our world continues on in chaos, confusion, and unrest, we are thankful for the prayers, planning, and preparations which have enabled us to return to the classroom where students and staff can experience these cherished moments.

“Truth, goodness, and beauty resound in the sights and sounds of a joyful return to the classroom.”

It is a new year and a new normal.  Students are being trained in personal hygiene and personal space.  Mask wearing and social distancing are the norm.  The halls are filled with far fewer visitors, and new routines are being established throughout the school day.  Outdoor tents and the shade of trees nearby provide ample breaks from masks while students learn self-control in order to help them leave space and extend grace to others.

Yet in the midst of it all, students’ eyes are being opened to the wonder of His creation, teachers are helping young ones embrace the truth revealed in Scripture and rich curriculum, and families are welcomed back into a community in which they are known and loved for who they are.

Our mission as a school community is to provide an exceptional education in the classical tradition that honors Jesus Christ as the beginning and end of all truth, goodness, and beauty.   Whether our students are wearing masks inside while social distancing or enjoying the fresh air while learning outdoors, these pursuits continue in their truest form once again.

While we understand that at any moment life can change, we praise God for the gift of a reunited community and the opportunity to help our students thrive in the classroom and beyond.  

Is it all we would like for schooling to be for our children at this point?  Not quite; not yet.  But in the midst of our best efforts to protect and help one another during this time, we are thankful for each step forward.  And with each step, we experience a new depth of gratitude for God’s grace and provision for each day.  

Is it hard work?  Indeed it is.  It takes effort from every family, every teacher, and every staff member.  

Is it worth it?  Absolutely.

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