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Health and Safety Updates

Student Health, Safety, and Security

COVID-19 Updates

View our COVID-19 updates and communications below.  Please visit our COVID-19 response page to view the latest information regarding our efforts to provide a safe and joyful educational experience to our students during the pandemic.

Covenant COVID-19 Communications

Covenant Classical School will transition to a mask-optional policy beginning tomorrow (Wednesday, February 9) and discontinue test-to-stay. (February 8, 2022)

Staffing Changes, COVID Update, Important Deadlines, & Next Week’s Griffin Gathering! (January 26, 2022)

COVID Update:  A brief look at the COVID road ahead (January 12, 2022)

Important COVID Updates & Changes (January 6, 2022)

Please Read: COVID updates as we return to school Monday!(December 31, 2021)

Updates on Relocation, COVID, and Progress on the Covenant Fund (December 29, 2021)

COVID Reference Forms (December 16, 2021)

Important COVID Update:  Please Read! (December 10, 2021)

COVID Update with a Personal Twist (December 6, 2021)

Relocation News and COVID Update (November 24, 2021)

What did we learn from the parent survey? (October 22, 2021)

COVID Update and Convenience Fee (September 24, 2021)

FAQs & Feedback Opportunity to the Board of Trustees (September 17, 2021)

Parent Handbook and COVID Update (September 9, 2021)

Frequently Asked Questions (August 27, 2021)

Rising COVID Cases Among Children (August 22, 2021)

Delta Variant Prompts Illinois Mask Mandate for All K-12 Schools (August 9, 2021)

Planning for the Start of the School Year (July 19, 2021)

CDC Update and Teacher Masks (May 17, 2021)

What to Expect for August (May 8, 2021)

Important Reminders (April 9, 2021)

Redoubling Our COVID Efforts (April 5, 2021)

 Moving in the Right Direction (March 22, 2021)

Plans for after Spring Break (January 29, 2021)

Quarantining after Travel (January 22, 2021)

Last COVID Update of 2020 (December 19, 2020)

A Look at God’s Goodness, a Vaccine, and a Plan for a Great Spring! (December 11, 2020)

Important Details for Online Learning (Friday, December 4, 2020)

Important Reminders (Friday, November 20, 2020)

Updated Plans for the Months Ahead! (Friday, November 13, 2020)

The Number of COVID-Positive Cases Continues to Rise (Friday, November 6, 2020)

“How will the holidays impact our ability to remain in school?” (Thursday, October 30, 2020)

A Response to Recent Communication from the DuPage County Public Health Department (Tuesday, October 20, 2020)

“What do I do if my child was exposed to someone who was confirmed to have COVID?” (Friday, October 16, 2020)

When Your Child Is Ready to Return to In-Person Learning (Friday, October 9, 2020)

Your support has made a difference! (Friday, October 2, 2020)

“What do I do if my child has a runny nose?  Should my child really stay home?” (Friday, September 25, 2020)

Upgraded Security: A Blessing from COVID-19 (Friday, September 18, 2020)

A Focus on Remaining in School (Friday, September 11, 2020)

Thank You for a Great Start! (Friday, September 4, 2020)

Operation Joyful Learning (Friday, August 28, 2020)

Resources for Talking with Students about COVID-19

CDC: Talking with Children about Coronavirus
CDC: Helping Children Cope with Emergencies
National Association of School Psychologists:  Talking to Children about COVID-19
Handwashing videos
Coronavirus: A kid-friendly explainer video from Brainpop: It can be scary to hear about a disease outbreak, but learning the facts can help ease your mind.
Just For Kids: A Comic Exploring The New Coronavirus

Mental Health Training

Prioritizing Health and Safety at Covenant Classical

Mental health training is a priority for our faculty and staff.

  1. Mental health challenges in our society are prevalent, and 50% of the people that receive mental health diagnoses do so before the age of 14.
  2. God created us with bodies, souls (mind, heart, and emotions), and spirits.  There are times when people in Christian communities overlook the physical component of mental illness.  
  3. Challenges to mental health are part of normal life, and our responses to them are best viewed on a spectrum.  Sometimes we may be able to respond to life events or challenges in ways that maintain our health, while other times we can become debilitated and need help.  
  4. Anxiety and depression symptoms must be recognized and identified both at home and in the context of school. 

If you are interested in learning more, click the link below to view our health and training packet.  If you have any further insights or recommendations, please contact us.  We are committed to leveraging Covenant’s distinctive school community for the growth, health, and safety of our students, families, and faculty.

Mental Health and Training Packet 2020

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