Covenant is planning to return to on-campus instruction on August 25! Our focus and priority are upon how we can safely return students to the classrooms while keeping in step with the requirements of state and local authorities and the recommendations of public health professionals.

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Covenant during Covid-19

A Look at the Year Ahead

E-Learning and Our Efforts to Get Back to Campus

We are very proud of the job the teachers did to transition Covenant’s program to e-learning.  We have heard remarks from so many about how extraordinary it was to be teaching students new material during this time of e-learning.  Our mission, however, is designed for a daily classroom experience.

Therefore, our focus and priority are upon how we can safely return students to the classrooms while keeping in step with the requirements of state and local authorities and the recommendations of public health professionals.  We are planning to reopen on-campus instruction on August 25 for the start of the 2020-2021 school year.

Covid-19 Town Hall

We recently had a Town Hall forum focused on the question, “How is Covenant planning for the start of school in August?” Dan Treier (the current board chairperson), Mitch Backes (the incoming board chairperson), and Tom Stoner, our head of school, brought updates to the Covenant community and spent time answering questions during a virtual Q&A session.

View the recording of our Town Hall by clicking the link to the right.

Governor Pritzker's "Restore Illinois" 5-Phase Plan

We must enter Phase 4 in order to return students to our classrooms.  Infection rates and hospitalizations must continue to decline.  Restaurants will reopen and travel will resume at that time.  Gatherings of 50 or more will then be allowed.

Phase 5 will allow mass gatherings again and will only be reached when a vaccine is widely available.

At this point we do not know exactly if/how private schools might be impacted differently from public schools with regard to the freedom to return our students to school.  We fully anticipate that it will be an option for us to meet on campus in person come August, and we want to do our best to ensure the safety of our students, staff, and families.

The New Normal: Planning for a Post-Pandemic Reality


New requirements for social distancing throughout the school and classrooms


Enhanced cleaning and sanitation procedures during and after the school day


New policies and procedures for health screening

The Care of Our Students' Souls

People have widely varying comfort levels concerning the virus.  Most often one’s comfort level is impacted by whether the person or someone he/she knows has an underlying health concern or is a member of the population at risk for complications from the infection.

For these reasons, we anticipate that school attendance will be significantly impacted as we return to school.  Some students, and perhaps some teachers, will miss more school than would normally be expected.

One of the many questions our faculty and staff are focused upon answering is, “How do we realistically and efficiently provide an in-class experience while accommodating the increased number of absences with an online option?”

Covenant Classical School is preparing to leverage the best of who we are to provide our students with stability, healing, and an increased sense of well being.  This unusual time of home isolation and uncertainty about the future impacts our students’ hearts and minds.  Some of our students are experiencing grief, fear, and anxiety.  Our focus is on how teachers will prepare to be instruments of comfort and grace in the care of students’ souls.

Favorable Factors Amidst These Times

Our Small Class Sizes

Our Small Class Sizes

We are small, and in times like these, our small class sizes are very useful.

A Dynamic Community

A Dynamic Community

We are a responsive community; our parents are remarkably cooperative and share our goals to promote health and safety.

We are a gracious and nurturing community. We know and love our students for who they are, and our school serves as a good place for students to be during these difficult times.

A Priority of Academic Excellence

A Priority of Academic Excellence

While being flexible with parents as they balance work and schooling from home with the pressures of the pandemic, we seek to progress our students and provide an exceptional education.

A Christian Faith

A Christian Faith

Our faith in God's steadfast love and provision allows our students to stand firmly in His truth and equips us to move forward as a community with peace and hope in the midst of uncertain times in the world around us.

The Flexibility of E-Learning

The Flexibility of E-Learning

With the use of Microsoft Teams for Education, our instructors, students, and parents have learned to transition at a moment's notice to a remote learning environment if needed.

A Communication Plan

A Communication Plan

It is our priority to keep our community members and prospective families up to date with the latest developments regarding the pandemic and our efforts to provide each child with the stability of a quality education.

Student Health, Safety, and Security Committee

Earlier this year we formed a Student Health, Safety, and Security Committee that has become a task force to prepare for our return to campus in the fall.  We have formed subcommittees to research and answer these questions.

What We Still Don't Know

We do not know the pace at which we will reach Phase 4 or what additional restrictions or best practices will be suggested between now and the start of school.

Therefore, our Student Health, Safety, and Security Committee is working to diligently stay up to date with the most recent guidelines from local authorities and the recommendations of public health professionals.

Questions or Concerns?

Our teachers have begun to plan how they can maximize student learning to ensure student progress through our distinctive academic program, whether in the classroom or during intermittent periods at home.  Teachers will be prepared to ensure student learning and work efficiently.  Our teachers did a remarkable job in our remote learning environment, and they will rise to meet this challenge with the same skill and grace they demonstrated over these past three months.

Thank you for your efforts to stay informed and bring your thoughtful questions to our attention.  We are researching the best plan to accommodate all of the requirements of the federal, state, and local authorities and the best practices of the public health agencies as we implement our mission and distinctive model of education for your children.  We look forward to giving you our very best.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding the 2020-2021 school year.

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