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5-Day, Full-Time, On-Campus

Covenant During COVID-19

Keeping Students in the Classroom

5-Day, Full-Time, On-Campus Instruction

Parents are faced with the difficult decision of where to send their children to school during the pandemic.  Due to our small class sizes and supportive community, Covenant has been blessed to see our students continue to thrive in the classroom.

We have two simple goals: provide our students with joyful learning at school and do our best to make Covenant a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment for students–physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

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Favorable Factors Amidst These Times

Our Small Class Sizes

Our Small Class Sizes

We are small, and in times like these, our small class sizes are beneficial to both students and teachers.

A Dynamic Community

A Dynamic Community

We are a responsive community; our parents are remarkably cooperative and share our goals to promote health and safety.

We are a gracious and nurturing community. We know and love our students for who they are, and our school serves as a good place for students to be during these difficult times.

Engaging Academics

Engaging Academics

While having the flexibility of providing on-campus instruction, remote learning, and synchronous learning when needed, Covenant prioritizes academic excellence through our intentionally-designed curriculum.

A Christian Faith

A Christian Faith

Our daily instruction in the classroom engages ideas and values rooted in Christian faith. This not only helps students understand what Christians believe, but it also helps students understand the world in a way that is complete and cohesive.

The Flexibility of E-Learning

The Flexibility of E-Learning

With the use of Microsoft Teams for Education, our instructors, students, and parents have learned to transition at a moment's notice to a remote learning environment if needed.

A Communication Plan

A Communication Plan

It is our priority to keep our community members and prospective families up to date with the latest developments regarding the pandemic and our efforts to provide each child with the stability of a quality education.

Questions or Concerns?

Our team is committed to researching and developing the best plan we can to accommodate all of the requirements of the federal, state, and local authorities and the best practices of the public health agencies as we implement our mission and distinctive model of education for your children.  Our teachers are working to maximize student learning to ensure that our students progress through our distinctive academic program, whether in the classroom or during intermittent periods at home.

Thank you for your efforts to stay informed and bring your thoughtful questions to our attention.  We are delighted to be able to give you our very best during this time.

Ask a Question

Are Covenant’s students be required to wear face coverings at school?

We are now implementing a mask-optional policy in the classrooms.

When should my child stay home from school?

As stated previously, any individual presenting COVID symptoms will be required to stay home from school.  Please click here for a list of COVID symptoms to monitor.

It is strongly recommended that any persons exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 be tested for the virus. As recommended by the CDC, we will use the flow chart in our detailed plan to determine when a student or employee may return to school.

What measures will be taken to promote cleanliness in the schooling building?

We are taking measures to increase the cleaning and disinfecting practices in our facility in order to promote community health and comfort.

These measures include:

  • Cleaning desks, shared tables, door knobs, phones, railings and bathroom fixtures frequently throughout the day. 
  • Thoroughly disinfecting those surfacings with EPA-registered disinfectant and an electrostatic sprayer on a nightly basis.
  • Promoting good hygiene practices with signage throughout the facility and intentional teaching, as well as providing additional times for handwashing.
  • Washing hands is a vital step in preventing the spread of virus, and students will be given intentional breaks throughout the day to do so. This will be the preferred method of hygiene, though hand sanitizer will also be provided in each classroom and throughout the hallways and may be used when needed.
  • Providing access to hand sanitizer in classrooms, throughout the hallway, and at facility entrances. Utilizing automatic water bottle filling stations instead of water fountains in the school building. 
  • Providing the classrooms with fresh outside air whenever possible and purchasing high-quality air purification equipment to place in each classroom.

Do students share school supplies and materials?

Students do not share common classroom materials such as pencils, scissors, and markers. We ask that parents label each of their student’s supplies (using a child’s initials is sufficient) in order to accommodate this.  Classroom materials that must be shared, such as math manipulatives or science lab materials, are kept in individually marked bags for the duration of the unit and sanitized thoroughly before being returned to communal storage spaces. Though many textile supplies such as pillows will be removed from the classrooms, Kindergarten students keep their naptime blankets in large plastic bags that are individually marked. We ask that these be taken home to be washed on a weekly basis.

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