Xylem and Phloem, Blue Dye...Oh My!

Second grade field trip to Fullersburg woods

Written by Lisa Eekhoff, Grammar Dean

One of the tools of learning that a Covenant education provides is scientific inquiry. We desire that our students not only understand scientific concepts and ideas, but that they also begin to think scientifically.  Through our program, students will learn to observe, question, hypothesize, and analyze results.  

The second grade class has had the chance to practice each of these through their study of botany. Students have observed and dissected onion bulbs, collected and identified leaves, and hypothesized on what would happen when celery was placed into blue liquid.  They were delighted to cut open the celery later and see the results, exclaiming about the tiny xylem and phloem that were revealed by the blue dye. The students also planted bulbs in order to observe over time the complete growth  cycle of a plant, from bulb to flower.

Each of these wonderful, hands-on experiences works to shape the students’ minds in a holistic way.  Because of a scope and sequence that focuses our science curriculum on one branch of study each  year, teachers are afforded the time that is needed to delve deeply into the topic they cover.  Students develop a genuine understanding and appreciation of each science.  But most  importantly, they are led to  awe and wonder at the amazing Creator of such a complex and beautiful world.