Need-Based Tuition Discounts

Need-based Tuition Discounts

Covenant desires to be a school which reflects the larger Christian community.  Provision of tuition discounts to families who are in financial need allows the school to have a broad socio-economic representation of families and to include students whose families could not otherwise provide a classical Christian education for their children.

Covenant employs the independent company FACTS to provide a third party assessment of all applications for tuition discounts. Applicants who demonstrate financial need, as determined by FACTS, will be considered for tuition discounts by the Covenant Board.

How to Apply

To apply for a tuition discount, please first submit your Covenant Student Application and then follow the steps outlined below to apply for a tuition discount:

1. Complete the confidential FACTS Application.
  To be included in the initial review of applications for the 2017-2018 school year, your application must be submitted by February 24, 2017.  Based on the information parents submit in the FACTS Application, FACTS provides the school with an independent, confidential assessment of a family’s ability to pay for educational expenses. 

To complete the application online, visit the FACTS website and follow the on-line directions.

2. Mail in any supporting materials requested by FACTS

You may submit your 2015 tax return and supporting documentation with your initial application in order to meet the deadline of February 24, 2017.  

Please note that even if you complete the application on-line using your 2015 tax return, FACTS requires that a copy of your 2016 tax return be mailed to FACTS.  To be considered in the initial review of applications for the 2017-2018 school year your 2016 tax return must be mailed to FACTS by March 15, 2017.  Without these documents, FACTS will not be able to process the application and the school will not be able to consider the application.

3. Financial Aid Decision.  Covenant uses the FACTS assessment, as well as an assessment of the school’s own resources, to make a final decision about the level of financial aid offered by the school. Financial aid awards will be communicated by April 7, 2017. 

Important Notes

If you miss the deadline of February 24, 2017, you may still submit your application for consideration by May 1, 2017, but it is likely that resources will be exhausted after the initial deadline of February 24, 2017.

Covenant’s financial resources are limited, and we are not always able to provide the discount level that a student or family may need.  Both family need and the resources of the school to meet those needs are reassessed each year.